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Life @ St.George's

A school day for a Georgean begins with a prayer where the Lord is thanked for the wonderful world around us. Activity in the classroom kick-starts amidst the crackling of freshly arrived newspapers students are expected to read and discuss what is going on around the world.
There is never a dull moment at ST. GEORGE SCHOOL, BANDA, with boys and girls shuffling in and out of the science and computer laboratories, library, dance room, music room and of course the sprawling games field! The monotony of everyday routine is broken by various cultural and sports inter-house and inter-class activities. Students are also encouraged to take part in various inter-school competitions from time to time. Other schools are invited to participate in activities organized at ST. GEORGE SCHOOL, BANDA on a regular basis as well.
There is a wide range of programmes to engage and develop the students into well-rounded individuals. These include, but are not limited to, Speech & Drama classes, Sports programmes (such as Leap Start) as well as various Educational initiatives (such as the Maths program, Mind spark and the scientifically designed scholastic testing programs, ASSET and Detailed Assessment).
A typical day at the school is thus atypical in more ways than one, with carefully planned activities and competitions woven into academics for promoting holistic development of every child.

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